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Why won’t my van start? 2006 chyrsler town

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I have a 2006 chyrsler town and country 3.8 V6. Yesterday I got he from running errands, parked the van and went to leave a little later and it started rough. It was idling erratic almost like a fouled plug but it sounded like it wasn’t getting enough fuel. It ran like that for about 5 mins. Then it stalled out and now won’t start. Now it seems like it’s out of gas but I put some in to rule that out. We found 3 spark plugs lose 2 days ago and tighten them down. Also about a week ago my gas cap indication came on. When I stopped to check it, it wasn’t on. I also have a broken ignition key but I’ve been able to start it still. I have tripped the anti theft a few times, causing it to shut down 3 seconds later. Other that those issues it’s been running fine. I drove it all over yesterday, it ran perfect. I’m stumped. It almost appears to be in a no start mode, like the fuel pump has no power. We checked the fuses under the hood and they weren’t blown. Are there any more fuses? How does it go from running perfect, then 1 hour later not starting at all? Please help me figure this out!


1 Answers

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    I would start to check the fuel pressure in the rail, to see if the fuel pump is delivering fuel.

    Then check the trouble codes to see if there are any related codes stored. If you have any codes, please post them here!

    It could also be a problem with the anti-theft alarm, but in these cases, they do often start for around 2-3 seconds and then die as you said.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 27, 2018 |Reply

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