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Hi we have a 2001 Mazda Tribute that is giving the code P1131. We have just started to have a lot of problems, all at once. This is the second code we’ve gotten in the past 4 months – we have already replaced all the spark plugs and have had three mechanics look at the car. In the morning (from cold) the engine generally shakes visibly when it drops below 1RPM before the engine has fully warmed. After the first time starting it, it doesn’t seem to shake as hard when starting the car from cold for the remainder of the day. Is there something in this new code, that we should look at? The mechanic now is telling us that our sensor needs to be replaced, and that is all. Thank you!

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  1. The P1131 is telling us that the mixture is Lean on bank 1. I do not think it’s the O2 sensor, because they usually don’t work when the engine is cold anyway.

    Common causes of a lean mixture

    Vacuum leak
    Faulty EGR
    Injector problems
    Faulty sensors

    I would check for vacuum leaks first. But if the problem is only occurring when the engine is cold I would take a look at the coolant temperature sensor 🙂

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