P1731 P1732 PDK of Porsche panamera

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I have a Porsche Panamera 4S of 2011. One morning I got my car not moving and a failure alert of Gearbox (PDK) then I picked up the car to my mechanical and after diagnosing the car using PIWIS we found the default P1731 and P1732. Now after buying another gearbox we got again the same default even after reseting it and adapting the new gearbox. Please can you help me with any advice ? Thank you

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  1. Hello

    If you have replaced the gearbox with a functional one, it should be a fault in the wirings or Transmission control unit.

    Was there any oil leakage on the wiring plug on the gearbox?

    Have seen those cars Porsche/ Audi q7 when it leaks from the plug, and pushes transmission oil all the way through the harness and filling up the transmission control unit with oil ( Yes it sounds impossible, but it happens because the plugs are so sealed ­čÖé

  2. Hi, thanks for your fast answer.

    We have checked the Control Unit before buying the new gearbox and it looked good and dry. Do you think we should change it ?

  3. Okay was it a Porsche dealer that did the adaption? Sounds like a difficult problem and can’t give any fast answers without real diagnostics. It sounds like an electrical problem. How fast does the trouble codes come up?

    Was the whole gearbox replaced or only parts of it?

    1. Check with your Porsche dealer if there are any technical service bulletins of this trouble codes and any software updates
    2. Check/measure the wirings with a wiring diagram
  4. Yes, it was a Porsche dealer that did the adaption and update.

    First when we put the new gearbox we got the error P1764 asking for adaption. When the adaption and updates were done we got the same error of the old gearbox p1731 and p1732.

    We changed the whole gearbox not only some parts. However we kept the old Control Unit

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