Power door lock relay 2011 Toyota Corolla

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Where is the Power door lock relay location on a 2011 Toyota Corolla

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  1. Hello

    Im not sure if you have an power door lock relay on that car. Have to check closer.
    Did you check the fuse to the power door lock system?


    toyota corolla

    Fuse 23. to power lock system. Under steering wheel.

    If you have a relay, it is fitted at the power door lock control unit on the right side under the dashboard or under steering wheel on the left side. It was fitted there in earlier models.

  2. thank you for your answer.  yes i have checked that fuse and it was good. from everything i have read and from what people have told me it sounds like a bad relay since all the doors went out at once. I’ve checked all the connections i could find and fuse 23 and everything looked good.

  3. Okay I dont have that wiring diagram in my program :/

    What I should do is to try to read the trouble codes from the door lock ecu/body control module with a good diagnostic tool. Should be possible in that model.
    Maybe you have some DTC codes stored there.
    If you cant get communication with the door lock ecu then it’s a power/ground/communication problem to the ecu.

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