Power steering fluid problem 2002 ford focus

Hi help please I have just changed the power steering fluid on car by emptying the resovoir and then turning the wheel left to right with the engine off to empty the pump . I then filled resovoir to max and started engine for a few seconds uNeill the new fluid was sucked through but as soon as I turned engine off the fluid went straight back in to the resovoir and the steering sounds worse than ever it’s really bad help please my car is a 2002 ford focus st170

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  1. Hello

    You do most likely still have air inside your power steering fluid.

    Try to do the same procedure a bit more

    Rev the car up a bit and turn the steering wheel max to both left and right, hold it at each stop for ~5-10 seconds. The best way is to have someone to fill the power steering fluid at the same time 🙂

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