Remote locking no horn lock confirmation honda civic 2004

how to reactivate horn sound upon pressing keyless entry remote lock button twice on honda civic 2004? and also reactivate the seatbelt warning sound

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  1. Is the car locking when you are pressing the fob the first time?
    If not there should be a problem with the door lock or the hood switch that think the car is open

    If it’s locking but just missing the beep, try to press both the lock and unlock button on your key for at least 2 seconds and try again.

    For the seatbelt questions, check the connector plugs to the seat belt buckle under your seat, if these are unplugged and shorted with a wire.


  2. yes it locks on the first press of the lock button. the 2nd press should be the horn honk for locking confirmation. no horn honk on the 2nd press..

    by the way, honda civic 2004 m/t

  3. for the seatbelt, the beeper is beeping when inserting the key and turning to ON, but when running, the seatbelt warning is silent but the warning indicator is still lit…

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