Saturn Ion 3 2.2 DOHC Engine Stalls

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Car question.

Had problem with the wife’s car #2 cylinder misfire – compression at 100psi.

They replaced the ignition control module, ignition coil, spark plugs and tuned the electronic ignition.

We get it back and it now stalls after stopping upon acceleration. Happens both in traffic and when just starting out.

Took back and they have it for 3 days and say they can’t find anything wrong.


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  1. Hello joel.

    What car and engine?

    are you getting fault codes on cylinder 2 over and over or different cylinders?
    If you getting a fault code on one cylinder the most basic things is like you did already.
    Replace spark plugs, Coils, Check power, ground and signal to coils.
    Check injectors.
    Leakdown test and compression test.

    How does the spark plug looks? Black, brown, white? Is them all the same colour?

    Any other fault codes?
    Stalling after acceleration is often a dirty throttle body or a vakum leak.

    But would help much if you specify more about what engine do you have, and if you have any exact fault code numbers 🙂

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