Shifting problem Vw Tiguan 2009

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Dears i have a vw tiguan 2009 and i am facing an issue when shifting down from 2nd gear to 1rst gear. A random weird motion is happening and i am not sure if this related to the automatic gearbox. I did an inspection for the gearbox and no issue appeared.

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jeanmarc89 4 months 1 Answer 737 views 0

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician


    Can you hear the strange sound when you rev it up without any gear in?

    Do you have any strange sounds on idle from the gearbox/engine?

    2.0 Diesel?

    6 or 7 geared DSG gearbox?

    Do you have any opportunity to upload a video where you could hear the sound?


    Hope you could answer this so I could give you an answer 🙂

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