Slave cylinder change clutch?

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Hello, My clutch pedal went soft, mechanic found ot eas leaking slave cylinder, but been told i should change clutch too because it will be full of oil, and if i won\’t change it now i will have to replace clutch and flywheel soon. Is that how it should be done? Thank you

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Arvydas 4 months 1 Answer 783 views 0

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  1. Hello

    What car is we talking about?

    If the slave cylinder is inside the gearbox, pushing directly at the clutch. And you have to remove the gearbox to change the slave cylinder, then its a good idea to change the clutch at the same time.

    If the slave cylinder is fitted outside of the gearbox then atleast I would have tried without changing the clutch, but its a risk if it leaked down on the clutch 🙂


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