A Garage tells me my sliders are rotten Mazda 6 Ts2

Good afternoon,

I drive a 2009 Mazda 6 Ts2

I took my car for a MOT and the most costly service they provide, there where some repairs, costing a total of over £800.

2/3 weeks later of normal driving, i hear an awful noise from a wheel, i return the car and ask them to check.

He tells me that the sliders in the carrier had ‘rotted’ and caused the calipers to seize, this wore down the brake pads because it was holding onto the disks, and this damaged the disks and calipers irreparably. so they need to be replaced.

Front and back.

This will cost a further £800

He tells me that in their ‘major service’ they checked the brakes but the caliper was OK, so there was no way of quoting it up. because then they would be “over-quoting me and ripping me off”.

Now, if the most expensive service they provide couldn’t (didn’t) find this problem, then when would it ever normally be found before it’s too late?

I’m thinking that maybe its possible they messed up my brakes during the service or missed this problem, and are trying to cover for it

So my main question is, is this a legit unforeseeable problem, or am i being taken for a fool?


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  1. A problem like a stuck brake calliper could appear whenever and fast, but a rotten slider is only happening over time and it should be noticed if the wheel was hard to turn at the service.

    The problems with brakes are that it is made of metal and it may work properly when the brakes are cold. Metals expand when it gets hot, and it is possible that it was turning freely when the car was inside for the service.
    The sliders are also made of metal and it will expand a lot when the brakes get hot and it will be worse and worse.

    So I’m sorry to say but it could be really hard to tell if they have made a faulty service or not.

    Check your service protocol to check if they took the brakes apart or not. If the service protocol is saying that they have taken the brakes apart and inspected it, they should have checked the sliders also. In a normal smaller service you do not take the brakes apart, you are only inspecting the pads and discs.

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