Spark Plugs/Smoke from oil cap 2000 Ford Focus

I drive a 2000 Ford Focus. The other day my husband and I decided to change all four spark plugs to save us a little bit of money. Before we changed them, the car would start and drive, it was just a little rough, enough for us to change them out. Well the old plugs were on so tight that the porcelain broke off on all four. After changing them, the car would not start. We took off the cover and removed all plugs and cleaned everything and made sure there were no porcelain pieces left. This time the car would start but just barely. It sits at a rough idle and dies every few minutes. There is now white smoke coming from the oil cap and the oil dipstick, which was never a problem before. We didn’t touch anything except the spark plugs and the cover. What could we have possibly done to this car? Please help!!

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    Are you sure that the new plugs are right? There should not be as many possible faults here. Wrong plugs or you have missed to plug in some connector.
    In the worst case, there could be porcelain parts that fell down into the engine and damaged something.

    The engine can also have been running too rich for a lot of cold starts. Remove the spark plugs and let them be out for some hours and then put them back again.

    You could also check the trouble codes with an OBD tool. Then you will see fast if there is any forgotten connector!

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