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I have a 2008 vw R32. I recently been having problems with the car not turning over at all. I turn the key and then all my electronic come on and work fine ( swap battery’s so I’m ruling that out ). I hear the click of the alternator. So I know that’s good. It’s very off and on. Some days the car wouldn’t work but then it will work for a few days. I am stumbed. Also if it matter is been about 32 degree out. Thanks

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  1. Is the car working good once it started?
    And the only thing that happens when you try to start it is one click from the starter?

    If you could hear one click but nothing more from the starter there is often the starter that is faulty. That often happens when it’s hot.
    Could also be a ground problem between chassi and engine, or between battery and chassi. When the fault occurs you could try to put a jumper cable between.

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