Suspension noise Hyundai Sonata 2006 2.4l

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My car ( Hyundai Sonata 2006 2.4l ), makes noise when it drives over any Bump, from the passenger side only, I removed the wheel today and took a picture of it, at first I thought its the upper control arm, but then after removing the wheel I think its the suspension itself, since I saw a crack at the upper side rubber of the suspension,

2- upper control arm looks fine to me! maybe it’s not! I don’t know

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  1. Hello

    Is the sound coming from bigger jumps or from small bumps in the road?

    Check the stabilizer rods. When they have too much play, they can make a lot of noise, but if the sound comes from bigger bumps, it may be the suspension.

    Test to bump the car up and down by pushing it down on the spring tower to see if you can locate the sound. The upper control arm can be hard to see if there is any play when the wheel is in the air, easier to try to rub it when the car stays on the ground 🙂

  2. Large bumps make the noise more visible, but the noise comes from small ones too, only the passenger side, I attached a picture of the broken rubber, do you think it’s what causing the sound?

    when I push the car up and down, it makes a sound only when it’s cold outside! when it’s warm it doesn’t, I know it’s so weird!

    I will try and check the stabilizer rod.


    thanks a lot for replying


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