Throttle body, chrysler sebring 2010

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I am in desperate need of answers!!! I have a 2010 Chrysler sebring 4 cylinder I have noticed previous electrical issues. However this issue is something different I believe . My car had a rough idle and seemed it wouldn\’t go past 2nd gear. I am very pregnant and finances are tight so I decided to read online on how I could fix it. My error lights indicated something was wrong with automatic throttle control, and check engine light was on. I read my throttle body might just need cleaned . So I went to AutoZone and bought throttle body cleaner . I removed everything that connected to the throttle body but left it attached.. I then sprayed the throttle body and cleaned it with a toothbrush . After hooking everything back up. It now will not crank, will not even turn over . But it clicks .. after reading more I suspected my battery to be dead .. I had a friend jump the car ..and still nothing… what have I done ? What do I do? Baby is due in less than 20 days!

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  1. Hello

    Try to put a jumper cable between the battery negative therminal and GOOD chassi/engine ground.
    If it starts then you have ground problem

    If you replaced battery and the starter still clicks you have to check the B+ (big power cable) to the starter.
    You can try to hit the starter with a hammer at the same time as a friend is pulling the starter, if it starts then there is a problem inside the starter. (watch your hands for rotating parts)

    Start with those things I could recommend 🙂

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