Ticking over Vauxhall vectra 3.2 v6 2002

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i have a vauxhall vectra 3.2 v6 2002 and the ticking over keeps increasing and decreasing. Any idea what could be the problem and how to fix it. many Thanks

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  1. How long time ago was it you made an oil change?
    Is it better cold then hot / vice versa

    A hydraulic lifter could make it tick.

    Oil level Ok?


  2. Thanks for your reply. oil changed about 6 months ago. yes it is better when cold

  3. Do you know which viscosity oil you have in your engine? 5w30 etc.

    If you have a really thin oil like 0w20 you could try a thicker oil 5w30 etc.

    If you only drive short distances, you can get air in your hydraulic lifters that will make it tick. That is often fixed by rev the engine up to 4000 rpms for some minutes when the engine is hot.

  4. The oil was changed 6 months ago and was to 5/30 or 5/40 not sure. reved up the engine as suggested but no difference. Had a diagnostic test but nothing showing up, I’m really at a loss. Thanks

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