Tie rod end sheared off 2003 Chrysler Town

2003 Chrysler Town and Country LX, FWD, 3.3. We had the tie rod end on the passenger side break/shear/snap off on the top half. I used an angle grinder to cut off the remaining top half of the bolt to make it smooth. The problem lies with the bottom half of the bolt where the nut is still attached. Do I use the grinder again and just cut the nut and bottom half of the bolt off then use an air hammer to try and push the remaining bolt still inside the knuckle out? Any help here would be greatly appreciated

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  1. I hope that I understand you right now.

    The outer tie rod is fitted with a cone in the knuckle. You can often remove the nut and hit the knuckle a few times and then hit on the “bolt” to the tie rod direction. They can be pressed hard in the cone and need some good hits with the hammer or a screed 🙂

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