Timing 89 Chevy s10 2.5l

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I have an 89 Chevy s10 2.5l tbi 5 Mt ih taken an 87 2.5l tbi motor and put it in the 89 but when I set the timing I am getting a nicertain easy start but when I take it for a test run it has no power so when I get back I did a little adjustment then take it out again it drives like a dream but after it cools off it is very hard to start

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  1. Hello

    How did you adjusted your timing? Start with make sure you set the timing right with a timing light.

    Remember that you have to:

    ground the “A” and “B” terminals on the ALDL connector under the dash before adjusting the timing

    and drive it hot and set to 8 degrees

    Check for fault codes/blink codes in the ecu if you can see any information. 🙂

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