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2011 Allison Transmission Chevrolet

Asked by: 17 views Transmission question

I have a 2011 Chev diesel with an Allison transmission. Truck has about 168K miles on it. No problems with transmission until yesterday. Went to leave and the truck would hardly move. Tried different gears and changed the xfer case but nothing helped. Went out today and it won’t move at all. I tried to check the fluid but the way it is setting is hard. I did add 2 qts. fluid just to see. No help. Did not throw codes today. Yesterday it thru P0708, P0712, P0751, P0972, P0974, P0757, P0975, P0761, P0979, & P0980. Thoughts?


2 Answers

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    With all these codes, it seems like there is missing a power supply to the solenoids or a faulty transmission control module or faulty wirings.
    I would recommend starting checking the fuses and check for transmission fluid inside the transmission control unit(Yes it sounds strange). Sometimes the wirings are so sealed that the transmission is pushing fluid up in the transmission control module.

    Check the ground cable between the engine and body and make sure that the alternator is charging over 13 volts at idle.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jun 03, 2018 |Reply

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    Thanks for you reply. I tried everything that you suggested and no luck. After the truck set for a day, I went back out and tried it again. It did throw a code this time (P0700). I am guessing it is the control module. I am taking it to the shop today. Thanks for your help!

    rricherson - Jun 04, 2018 |Reply

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