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Can i put a E40D 4×2 transmission into a 4×4 version?

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I have 2 ford vehicles one is a 96 e350 5.8l 4×2 with an e40d engine. The other is a 97 f250 7.3 with an e40d 4×4 engine. My question is can I take the transmission out of my e350 and just put it in my f250. I don’t care if I lose 4×4.


1 Answers

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    It may need some adapters for the transfer case from what I can find. Check out this for more information: http://www.thedieselstop.com/forums/f14/91-e350-7-3l-swap-zf5-e40d-571034/

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 10, 2018 |Reply

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