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2 Answers

Faulty TCM and fok motor Ford Fiesta 2015

Asked by: 34 views Transmission question

drive a 2015 Ford Fiesta and have had various transmission problems. Just had my transmission control module as well as the fok motor assembly for the clutch replaced after an accident caused by my car lunging forward when trying to stop. My question is would the faulty TCM and fok asy have causedthe car to lunge forward like it Did? I\’m worried about this happening again due to the fact that my TCM has been replaced 4 times already ?


2 Answers

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    What engine do you have? It could be a faulty tcm but you have to read troublecodes and do some good diagnostics for this problem.
    It’s a powershift box semi-automatic i guess?
    There are some serious problems with those gearboxes. As the gearbox is a manual gearbox there is most likely a problem with the TCM/clutch

    Did they ever checked the clutch?

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Dec 29, 2017 |Reply

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    It is the PowerShift transmission. T

    Mbull3250 - Dec 31, 2017 |Reply

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