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Front drive shaft seal cracked Chevy silverado 1998

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chevy silverado 1998 5.7 l z71. My truck is almost all aftermarket so its aguessing game everytime. My front driveshaft has a broken seal on it. Under 40km h 4×4 hi and low work fine over 40km  its hard to keep it out of the trees it shakes so bad. Yokes are tight and cvs are fine its gotta be that seal right? Do i need a new seal some greese and a good clean. Or am i repacing the whole front shaft? And should i wait if im lifting it up way more 6 inch suspension and 6 inch body?


1 Answers

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    How many miles have you driven with the seal cracked? Often if it starts to vibrate because of lack of grease, it wont be good with new grease and seal.

    Are you sure it’s the driveshaft that is vibrating? Normally you feel the vibration most when accelerating if it’s the driveshaft.
    If it’s the tires you feel it all the time 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 07, 2018 |Reply

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