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Transmission problems and noise on my 2001 Ford F-150 2wd

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Transmission question

I have a 2001 Ford F-150 2wd with the 4.6 motor with the 4r70w transmission . I just installed it a few hundred miles ago and I pulled it from a junk yard. Shifted perfect when I first installed. Now I have to let off the gas before if will shift into second other than that it shifts perfect. I also here a humming noise I’m assuming is coming from the transmission. And the o/d light keeps flashing on and off. Just replaced the filter and ran new fluid. Didn’t find any metal shavings . Was hoping maybe it was a simple fix and not the transmission ?


1 Answers

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    If the OD light is flashing, there should be trouble codes stored, read them and post the codes here. It could just be a sensor, but as you are saying there is a sound coming from the transmission, it could be worse. An easy way to find noises from the transmission is to lift up all four wheels and run the car in the air and going under and listening. Just make sure to do this safely.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 15, 2018 |Reply

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