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wont move forward or in reverse 1998 Ford Expedition 4.6L

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I am trying to pinpoint the cause of what could be wrong with my  1998 Ford Expedition XLT 4.6L 281cl V8 that recently started exhibiting multiple problems all at the same time.   The first thing that happened was while driving I suddenly heard a sound from the drivers side wheel like I was dragging something (which I wasn’t after getting out and investigating).  So I got in and started driving and it just sounded like a vacuum hose had came loose but after a few minutes it went away.   This happened periodically after driving for like 10-15 minutes but then it goes away.

After about five days I went about 5 blocks and stopped at a red light,  I tried to accelerate once the light turned green and the truck wouldn’t move. I just revved as if I was in neutral.  I pressed the brake,  put the car in neutral then reversed and still nothing,  not even a jerk like it was trying to move.  I pressed the brake and went to put the car in park and there was this very loud grinding noise that came from the drivers side wheel area.  I then put the truck in 4wd,  went to D and then there was this loud pop but the truck jerked forward and started moving and I noticed a large amount of white smoke coming from underneath.  I was able to get out the intersection and up about 2 blocks and then it stopped moving again when pressing the gas peddle.

There was more smoke now but nothing from the engine everything was coming from underneath.  Also,  once that pop happened,  my temperature hand went all the way to C and the heat stopped working.  After about five minutes,  the truck started moving when the gas petal was pressed and like before went another couple blocks and this time once it stopped it would move again.  There was only a bunch of smoke from underneath and nothing from the engine.


I got a tow truck which literally towed me about less than a mile away to my house (towed from the front).  Once home,  I was able to start it right up and it drove like nothing happened.  Since then this is everything that I have seen:

Heat doesn’t work
temperature hand doesn’t move at all
internal antifreeze leak

There was no signs of leaking coolant anywhere and when I replaced the fluid nothing stayed in the reservoir

Truck drives but then the dragging sound comes back
white smoke coming from underneath the car right next to the back passenger side door right before the tailpipe


Again,  the engine doesn’t overheat and no smoke comes from under the hood and that with keeping the truck running for about 20-25 minutes.  All smoke comes from underneath.





1 Answers

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    Do you have a DTC tool at home? Read DTC codes.
    There is a big chance that your transmission is damaged. From what I can see, it is going coolant hoses to the transmission also.

    Check the transmission fluid to see if there is coolant inside that! The coolant should be in the bottom so just loosen the plug and see if it is coming coolant from there.

    A big risk of damage in the transmission which damaged the coolant lines


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Apr 12, 2018 |Reply

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