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Honda 3.2l Vtec Limp Mode Help

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Ran across an issue in our long travel dune buggy that has J32A vtec engine in.  The car runs great when ECU is reset (turning on and off car) but after around 20 minutes of driving the car goes into what seems to be limp mode.  Car won’t pass 3k rpms no matter the gear.  Our first assumption was fuel filter but we changed and tried multiple fuel filters and still same issue.  We ran the ECU with a scanner and it threw two codes.  P1768 which is clutch pressure control solenoid valve a failure.  And also P1607 which is PCM internal circut failure.  The P1768 codes doesn’t seem to be correct because the transmission is not from the honda engine it is an aftermarket custom trans that I believe doesn’t have these solenoid valves.  Could the absence of this value throw the engine into limp mode?  My other fear is that the P1607 code means that my ECU is fried.  Is there a way I can tell if my ECU is fried without purchasing a new one?  I know this maybe alot different than most of the cars on here but the electronics are all stock honda.  Looking for any ideas and help. Thanks in advance!


1 Answers

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    If the P1768 code is set without that part fitted to the vehicle, you have to reprogram/change the soft coding the engine control unit. It could absolutely set your car into limp mode. But have the car been running fine before without the P1768 and that transmission fitted?

    Seen this?

    The other code is set when the internal memory in the PCM got a fault. You can check a wiring diagram to find all power supplies to the engine control unit and all ground wires.

    If all power supplies and ground wires are okay to the PCM/ECM, the control unit is most likely damaged.

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - May 29, 2018 |Reply

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