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P0732 – hesitation at start up 2006 Hyundai Accent

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Hello Everyone, Just joined this forum. Would like some help with an issue that we have with our 2006 Hyundai Accent GS (107,000 km). We have a code P0732. We had a leaky transmission gasket which we fixed. We had also a small engine coolant temperature leak. Changed thermostat and gasket. Leak solved. (Car has no engine coolant temperature sensor). We also changed oils because we were over due (oil was getting black). We have synthetic oil. Up until one hour ago when we test drove it, car would hesitate at initial start up. Only when we would shut the engine and restart a few seconds or minute later everything go back to normal and drives fine, some minor hesitation. I also realized that with an oil change, engine perform better and seemed to work out some internal blockage in the system. My question is, when I fixed the transmission gasket leak with a new pan on my transmission, the mechanic added only 3 small bottles of fluid in the transmission (about less than 3 liters). My car manual says it takes 6.1 Liters. Should I add more transmission fluid, perhaps its low on fluid which causes the start up hesitation and how should I add it? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks


7 Answers

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    When you remove the pan of the transmission, you will not get all fluid out. A lot of the fluid stays in the converter and other places in the transmission, so it’s not impossible that he not drained out ~2.5 liter and added a bit more because of the leakage.

    But P0732 could be caused by a low fluid amount.

    Don’t you have a dipstick for the transmission, should be from 2006, but it’s maybe an early 2006? 🙂


    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 22, 2018 |Reply

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    Yes, car has a dipstick.  Before we start our car, I see transmission fluid. I start the car, drive it around for 5 minutes, stop, get out of the car and check my fluid. Fluid seems to evaporate. (Read at another forum that this is normal. It’s tempting to put more fluid in.) My problem is, when I start the car at first, their is a engine hesitation. I have to press the gas pedal more for car to go. This has improved of late though. I stop the car, turn of the engine then restart the car and engine and transmission are perfectly fine. Drives like a dream. I did also change a leaky thermostat gasket and put in a new thermostat.

    I freeze frame the car data and everything seems fine except the ECT and IAT. Done two drive tests.

    First Test

    Engine Coolant Thermometer   45 C

    Idle Air Temperature -5

    Second Test

    Engine Coolant Thermometer 65 C

    Idle Air Temperature 17

    The ECT should be at 88 C or above.

    I will run another test today to see if it improves.

    My mechanic removed air bubbles from the radiator and cleaned the radiator coils.

    Right now, I have no leaks, car seems to run well except for a slight engine hesitation. Like it dragging itself on start up. I cleaned my TB. Thinking about cleaning my mass air flow sensor.

    Also, just changed engine oils yesterday. Engine oil was black and over due.  Went from regular to synthec oil. Car’s performance improved 10 times.  So now I am wondering if all these new fluid changes need time to warm up, circulate and lubricate the parts.

    Keep in mine also, the car was sitting on the streets in the cold winter months at -15 C. Drove perhaps 1 or 2 times a week.



    lee88 - Mar 22, 2018 |Reply

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    The dipstick in the transmission should be checked when the fluid is around 45c and the engine must be running, when you check the dipstick 🙂

    Try reset the adaption values for the transmission control unit and engine control unit. You can do that with the most OBD tools 🙂

    Some transmission I had replaced transmission fluid two times, and it starts to work good after the first change.

    As you said there should be 6 litres, but when you remove the pan you only get out 3 litres. So it’s a good thing to replace fluid, drive around 100kms and after that replace it again.

    No other trouble codes in the engine control unit?

    Also after you clean the throttle body, you have to reset the throttle body values with the obd tool 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 22, 2018 |Reply

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    Thank You for your input. I will try to reset the values as you stated.  Also, to keep close watch with transmission fluid.


    Drove the car this morning for about 10 KM. Car seems to run well. No hard shifting, no slippage in transmission. Engine is running smooth when properly driven. Even the hesitation between stops at stop signs and traffic lights has improved, but we found one issue when we looked under under hood. (See picture). Not sure what this is called, but its to the left of my throttle body sitting on my intake manifold. I believe it controls the air quality. It a rubber tube. Apparently I believe their is a small blockage that’s prevent the engine from getting sufficient air. Its getting air, not as much. We will be unclogging and cleaning this tube tomorrow morning. We believe that this is the reason why we are getting these hesitations at start up. Also, we checked and cleaned our battery terminals and restored some power. One of our battery terminals had a little corrosion and was not fully tighten.

    Besides these, car seems to be running very good just in time for spring and summer weather.

    Beside the P0732 code, no other codes show up.

    Will post any updates.

    If anybody can let me know what this part is called that is leaking on me and is blocking my air flow, it would be much appreciated (See picture)

    Thank You for you help.

    lee88 - Mar 22, 2018 |Reply

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    Hard to see from the picture.

    But if the hose is going between the valve cover and the manifold, its most likely the PCV valve

    The manifold is sucking out crankcase ventilation from the engine. If you have an air leakage there, you will get problems yes 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 23, 2018 |Reply

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    No, we confirmed. Its not the PCV Valve. Theat is to the right.

    Its the Exhaust Gas Re circulation Valve (EGR) or PCP.

    Just ordered the part. In-expensive.


    lee88 - Mar 23, 2018 |Reply

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    Will like to update this thread in case anyone may have issues with this code.

    Since the last time we posted, we cleaned our PCV valve (see photo above). It was slightly dirty and clogged. It made a little difference in the acceleration process, but still had issues with periodic stalling after cold starts.

    When we changed our transmission pan and gasket that was leaking, this was a drain and not a complete flush.  Our car takes over 6 liters of transmission fluid. We drained about 2.8 liters of fluid during the gasket change meaning that their was still 3.2 liters + in the transmission itself. We believe now that this fluid was dirty. Dirty transmission fluid can cause a lack of fluid flow. So we took it back to the garage and performed a full transmission flush by means of a transmission cleaning machine. It took over an hour. The results were much better thus far. Gears don’t slip, no hard shifting and the stalling and hesitation seems to be all gone right now.  The car seems to be back to normal.  The code hasn’t appeared since the flush thus far. We have a few more tests drives to perform, allowing the fluid to circulate around.

    So if anyone is having transmission problems and your mechanic tells you you need to re-build your transmission, the solution may just be that you need to flush out some dirty transmission.

    Will keep you posted to see if this issue is completely solved.


    lee88 - Apr 04, 2018 |Reply

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