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7 Answers

06 vw Gti 2.0 auto gas random missfire all cylinders

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please help I have 2006 one owner VW gti 2.0 I’m throwing four codes p0171 system took lean this codes is first and last on my code list p0456 evaporative emissions  system leak detected (very small leak) p0507 idle air control system RPM HIGHER than expected any input


7 Answers

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    When the engine is idling, try to remove the oil cap, if it’s stuck then the membrane at the crankcase vent system on the valve cover is probably faulty.

    A common problem on the 2.0 liters !

    Sellen - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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      I don’t follow how would I word it to find a video on YouTube to better understand how to fix

      Myfastgti90 - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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    Start your car and let it idle.
    Try to remove the oil filler cap at the same time it is idling.
    If it’s hard to get out because of too much vakuum,
    then you have to change this part:



    Sellen - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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    Okay the Pcv okay what’s the part called that is going to it I read that it fails as well due to poor fabrication on Man factor that oil vapors are getting out into pcv caulsing it to fail cause in’s oil in the intake manafoik causing build up around vaules an rockets and any input on pcv deleat or will the check engine light remain on if I die that

    Myfastgti90 - Dec 13, 2017 |Reply

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    Yes there is a check valve under the intake that could fail too. But the most common is that you have to replace that unit in the picture i sent 🙂 Just remove oil cap to see if it’s too much vakum there 🙂

    Sellen - Dec 13, 2017 |Reply

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    Okay all the research I’ve doing I’m coneibgbuo with the emmissions are so poorly manufactured that they cause this great engine do much Faulk and problems I’m going with new r8 coil packs with NKG imbrim plugs or however you spell it and going to do a pcv valve delete I’ve read it keeps my pressure still in my vacs so now I’ll have it funching like out of dealer right? Also I’ve read that there is a rear pcv or DV Valve since this is in line with all the other bull that’s failing from oil and crap getting in we’re it don’t belong should this be replaced also I’m really wanting my valves cleaned and and as far as you think I could go or is that too big of project

    Myfastgti90 - Dec 13, 2017 |Reply

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    Nothing is impossible but remember that the system is very sensitive of changes in the PCV system and it could cause fault codes 🙂

    Sellen - Dec 13, 2017 |Reply

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