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BMW X3 key doesnt start car but unlocks it

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I have a BMW X3 (04) – the key I was using for it was working fine for both unlocking/locking and starting the car. Suddenly that key has stopped working for starting the car, so I am now using my spare key. The problem though is that the spare key doesnt unlock the car (remote).

So now I have to use 1 key to unlock the car and the other key to start it.

Any ideas what I can do?


1 Answers

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    You could try to replace the battery in the key that’s not working to unlock with.

    Check this video out of how you do it.



    The other key is probably having an internal damage. You could let your BMW dealer try to recode the immobilizer for the key or you can try it yourself after you replaced the battery in the key that the unlock function did not work in.

    Put the working key in the ignition
    Turn on the ignition for like 1 second then back and remove the key.
    Press and hold the unlock button then press the lock button 3 times. You will hear the car unlock
    Take the non-working and press and hold the unlock button then press the lock button 3 times.
    Then turn the ignition on and off again to end the programming

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jan 18, 2018 |Reply

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