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Lights dim / power issues Kia Sorento

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2009 Kia Sorento 4×4 SUV. When driving the headlights and dash lights will dim then come back. I replaced the alternator. Battery tested ok at Autozone.
Note: After sitting 30+ hours the battery is at 12.47 volts. The inside cigarette lighter only 10.4 volts. Started car and cigarette lighter jumps up to 14.4 Volts. Car starts well and runs well. just the occasional dimming of the lights. So, battery tests ok, Alternator is new and tests ok. Is there another voltage control module??


1 Answers

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    Hi JackmcL-Mi

    When the fault occur, try to take an extra ground/start cable between the negative terminal on the battery and chassi/engine, or clean up and remove the paint on the standard ground cable ground point to chassi and the battery terminal.

    A very common fault that can cause alot of electrical faults. 🙂


    Sellen - Dec 12, 2017 |Reply

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