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Problem regarding my car maruthi Suzuki swift

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Hi sir this is Naveen today I experienced my car getting smoke actually what happens means while iam parking my vehicle I kept In forward and there is no chance to move in forward  movement to get  out of parking and the parking road is some what slant Hill road .first time I kept in little acceleration and tried to stall the hill but It didn’t stalled by the next time I increased acceleration and stalled  heavily because of heavy baggage I driven the vehicle heavily in reverse gear suddenly smoke comes and went off and I came out of hilly road and stopped the vehicle and opened the engine bannet mean while I smelled bad smell like plastic burning . The vehicle now is in running.but i am feeling nervous andpanic about about my car whether any thing went wrong and whether it may cause any problem in future . I would like to know the reason why the smoke comes out from the engine and went off and why it smells bad  ithink u have understood my query

so please clarify my query


1 Answers

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    Manual gearbox?

    Of your description it sounds like you burned the clutch. If it wasnt too bad you should be fine when it cooled down!
    Try to drive in highway in 5th gear at 2000 rpm and push accelerator to the max and listen if the revs from engine raise more then speed, then you have to change your clutch!

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Dec 22, 2017 |Reply

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