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Removing c clips in my 2005 Chevy avalanche 4×4 rear end

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I’m replacing the spider gears in my 2005 Chevy avalanche 4×4 with the 5.3 motor. I was able to get the passenger side c clip out and removed the axel but now I can’t get the drivers side axel pushed in far enough to remove the second c clip. Any advise ? Did maybe me pulling the first axel out something in a bind?


1 Answers

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    If you following this procedure it should come out. 1. remove keeper pin by unscrewing the bolt. 2. Remove spider gear axle and spider gears, can be a bit tricky, have to turn it. 3. Now it should be possible to push in the rods and the c-clips would fall out. If you have tested this but still won’t work, let me know

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Jul 15, 2018 |Reply

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