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Side power window switch on a 2008 Escalade

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I’m trying to diagnose a non-working front passenger side power window switch on a 2008 Escalade. Only the lock/unlock function works. The window, mirror and mirror turn signal don’t. The window and mirror don’t work from the driver’s console either. The mirror turn signal doesn’t work at all.


Here’s what I know so far:


* The switch has input sockets for 8 color-coded connectors (or 7 but I think they’re 8, I’m not with the vehicle right now to count them.) Exactly 3 connectors which should be hooked up to the console are missing – the blue, green and grey

* The board looks OK inside

* The window motor works – tested with bypass straight from the battery

* The passenger door module 15-amp fuse (on fuse panel left of dash) is good

* The passenger door module 25-amp circuit braker (on panel under dash) is good; it was also taken out for two minutes and put back in, as well as replaced with the spare – all with no effect


Q1: Are some of the connectors optional depending on the model or am I missing three that should be there?

Q2: What else should I do to diagnose this myself?


I just bought the vehicle so I have no history of its behavior. What’s worse, I’m based in Europe where there are no shops for these cars.


Please assist. Thank you.


4 Answers

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    A quick question before going deeper into this problem.

    Have you checked the wirings between the door and chassis behind the rubber boot?

    A really common problem is that the wirings snap off there, after opening and closing thousands of times 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 19, 2018 |Reply

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    A recap of this issue now that it is solved.

    1. I checked the rubber boot between the door and the body – all wires inside looked intact, nothing chewed up.
    2. I checked the voltage entering the power window switch – it was there and a correct 14V. The current goes into the big black connector and it is the only thing that goes INTO the switch. Everything else goes out of it.
    3. With the correct current available, I asked a buddy with a 2009 Escalade to let me borrow his switch to test with, already knowing that my system wouldn’t damage it. His switch also had 7 connector sockets, only 4 of which were connected, just like in mine.
    4. I connected his switch in place of mine and everything worked as it should.

    So the diagnose now is a faulty power window switch – already ordered and on its way.

    What I learned along the way – for those who might encounter the same symptoms in the future:

    The switch is an integrated module (a computer by itself, integrated with the driver’s switch) but all functions in it are independent of one another. This means that if you disconnect one connector, the other functions would still work if the switch is healthy and the power input is connected. However, if the switch is faulty or a connector is disconnected, the corresponding function will not work even from the driver’s switch. Basically, the front passenger side power window switch dispatches the functions to the front passenger door.

    * The big black connector (the one that is off the row of the other six) is the power input for the whole switch, as well as the output for the power window
    * The small black connector and the white one are for the power mirror
    * The brown connector is for the power locks
    * The blue, green and grey connectors are for options I don’t have on my car.

    I hope that’s helpful. Thanks and good luck.

    kgbs - Mar 27, 2018 |Reply

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    Thank you for your response

    Another thing to consider: In the most newer cars, the driver door has the master computer that is connected to the other slave door control units. The master driver door computer is connected to the other control units in the car by CAN/LIN bus.

    Because of that, you can often reach the driver door with a diagnostic computer and check the switch function on the other doors from it 🙂 Also, a damaged wire in the driver door can cause problems in the other doors 🙂

    Glad that you solved it, welcome back if you have any other questions 🙂

    Ask A Mechanic Admin - Mar 28, 2018 |Reply

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    Super, thank you. I got the full picture of how these systems work.


    I will definitely ask again if anything else pops up, hopefully not very soon. 🙂

    kgbs - Mar 30, 2018 |Reply

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