Vibration in the car steering wheel when AC is ON Honda Civic

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My Honda Civic LX 2010 4 door sedan I can feel the vibration in the car steering wheel when on ideal and AC is ON and especially happens compressor turns ON. Happens in a frequency of every 2 mins or lesser. I see the rpm very slightly raises up & down when this happens. The vibration stops immediately when AC is Off. Same happens when turn the power steering wheel is turned when car is ideal. I recently did a radiator flush, engine oil change and wheel alignment and I notice this issue is happening. Car is running fine without this issue with AC is Off. Miles driven is 76k. Need your advise what could be the issue. Thanks in advance..!

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    I think the easiest way to locate a fault here is to remove the serpentine belt and check if any wheel is not turning properly. Is the load on the belt Ok? If it slips it can feel like vibrations and when the AC / power steering is ON you get higher load on the belt !

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