vibrations AC Toyota Camry 2007

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I have a 3 question i have a 2007 Toyota Camry… when I turn the AC on the car vibrates badly then it will stop… When I turn the car off it makes like exhale sound I can\’t really explain the sound… In the morning time when I first start it and it\’s idling I can hear a little grinding noise and when it\’s all warm up it goes always I was wondering if you can help me with this…. Please And Thank You

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DubbyJr 4 months 1 Answer 713 views 0

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  1. Hello

    It sounds like you have a problem with the AC compressor then, I would take off the driving belt and try to spin the ac compressor (both the part in middle and outer)
    Thats the first step to check everything is OK there 🙂

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