Electrical problem VW Jetta MK4 1.8T AGU Engine

VW Jetta MK4 1.8T AGU engine.

Hi there, a quick electrical question regarding the 12v switched power labeled 75x above the foot pedal. The nut holding the bracket for the relays is supposed to be a negative. Then the wiring labeled 75x is supposed to be a switched 12v so when the ignition is turned on then only it supplies 12v. My problem is I have no ground from the nut that holds the relays bracket in place like normal people do and also my 75x has constant power and when the ignition is turned it cuts the power. Its working in reverse. I checked all the fuses and nothing is blown.

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  1. Hello

    You should check the function of the J59 Load Reduction Relay. It’s the relay that is controlling the 75x line.

    If you have no ground on the nut bracket, there is a bad connection between it and the chassis / Negative terminal. Check ground lines between chassis/battery and chassis/fuse box!

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