Water pump replacement bmw 320d 2012

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What are steps to replace water pump on bmw 320d 2012 saloon. reg ky12mvp. Do I have to drain all coolant or just some of it.

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  1. Hello

    Check this video to replace waterpump on a 320d: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwE_hx7yiTo

    Normally I just tap out the coolant that is flowing out when I’m removing the pump.

    Make sure you bleed out all the air afterwards 🙂


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  2. Don’ you drain coolant at all? How to get air out after I install new pump.

  3. I had replaced alternator pulley which was making noise. Noise went away. But checking water pump pulley noticed lots of movement in and out and spinning it makes grinding sound. Also seen blue liquid around the pump. 

  4. I just remove the water pump and let that coolant flow out. If there are no electric or other sensitive parts below ofc.

    To bleed the air, the best way is to raise up the car in the front. Fill it up with as much coolant as possible. Remove Air bleed valves until it’s flowing out coolant.

    Start the engine and rev it up a bit. Loosen Air bleed valves again and fill up with coolant if neccessary, do this until the coolant gets hot ( Be careful to not hurt yourself on the hot coolant )

  5. Thanks for your help. Will do it tomorrow.

  6. You can check out this guide for Bleed Cooling system.

  7. All went good. Had to replace thermostat too as I cracked it.

    Air is out. Heating works. Temperature below 100C.

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