What car should I get?

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I currently have a 2004 BMW 325ci (convertible, auto trans). I bought it in July 2017. Since then the fuel pump needed to be replaced, and now has 2 oil leaks (oil pan and housing gasket). The car is starting to burn a hole in my wallet. I like german cars for the most part. I hate german cars that do this. I\’m selling this one and want to buy something else. I like just about any car that can go fast, look like it can go fast, or has a sporty feel to it. The biggest thing is it has to be more reliable than the last one. What car should I get? This price range is up to $10,000. Also, the car should have no more than 85,000 miles.

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  1. BMW’s is usually good cars in my opinion. But they make better diesel engines then petrol.

    Im driving a BMW F30 320d 2014. Drove 15.0000km myself now and only made service. so far..

    The late N47 diesel engines is very good and mine with tuned box 440 nm is enought for me atleast.
    You could get a good n47 engine in a late e90 chassi too.

    If you want to stick in the german market and not drive Bmw then mercedes make good cars. VW/audi got too many small faults in my opinion, could be very expensive.
    But if you want to go for a vw/audi/skoda then the 1.9/2.0 tdi engine is the best.



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