What is causing the noise and how will I solve this issue?

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Didn’t keep my coolant levels up so my car overheated followed by a hissing noise and a bit of white smoke. I turned the car off and waited until it got cool and topped it up with more coolant. Now what i\’m concerned about is when I turn the car back on for a few minutes the hissing noise comes back and resides for a short amount of time even after I turn the car off.

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Danielsjosh 4 months 1 Answer 727 views 0

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician


    There could possibly be a cracked coolant hose that make the sound, could you see if there is any leaks from anywhere? Could also be air in it and it pressing air throught the hole
    What car and engine is it?

    Can you post a video of it so I can hear it? 🙂

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