What is likely to be causing this disc wear? Ford Fiesta ST, 2016

Fiesta ST, 2016. 1.6L. The discs and pads were replaced just under a year ago, and now both rears are looking like this, and make a grinding metal noise when moving along (even without applying the brakes.)

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A local garage had a look at it for me, but all they said was that they need replacing, didn’t take anything off except the wheels. I will get them replaced, but I thought I’d see what a likely cause is, since I don’t want to replace discs and pads and have the same issue happen again.

Thanks all.

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    Has the car been standing a lot? It does just look like the rear brakes have not been used much. This could also be caused by stuck sliding pins!

    If the car has been standing a lot, drive it and brake hard for several times to see if it disappears.

    Else you can check out this video of how to remove and clean the sliding pins:

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