wheel locking up ford expedition

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my 1998 ford expedition 4×4. I just replaced the hub on the passenger side front wheel, it ran fine for a few days then the wheel locked up it drives fine in reverse and forward untill I hit the brake then it locks up

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DARREN 4 months 2 Answers 768 views Member 0

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  1. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    Hi darren

    When the wheel is locked up, try to remove the caliper and see if it’s that one whos locking it or the wheel bearing.

    Check that the brake line hose is not twisted and the piston in the caliper is OK!

    Hope that helps you 🙂

  2. Sellen Diagnostic Technician

    The brake could be locket up from either:
    Pressure inside brake fluid
    Piston inside the caliper is sluggish

    When the fault occurs try to unskrew the air nipple. If the brake is releasing then you should look for:
    A faulty/twisted Brake line hose
    Faulty Brake line
    Faulty ABS
    Faulty master brake cylinder


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